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A Short Novel of the American Old West

     In October of 1883, after two long years of battling border outlaws in Southwest Missouri, Logan Blaine was finally returning to the peaceful cabin in the Wyoming mountains that he had left behind. All he wanted was to light up a cigar, put his feet up in front of the fireplace he had built years before and enjoy some quality peace and solitude. Instead Logan rode up to find two squatters having set up house in that very cabin. The fact that they were female and beautiful only further complicated the situation. With a Rocky Mountain winter coming on, his only real choice was to make accommodations for them, a decision that would change his life forever. Crossroads is crafted around historical events and little known true characters that will fascinate virtually any history buff.

Crossroads and information about the book along with a preview is available online

at Search either for Lee Shannon or Crossroads or copy and paste


into your browser.

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